At the end of Final Fantasy XIII, the world was left in ruins and in Final Fantasy XIII-2 the team wanted to offer the player an experience of following the way the world is rebuilt over a long span of time. One new gameplay element, called the Mog Clock, has been added, where the player must attack monsters on the field before the time is up to get the upper hand in the ensuing battle. Sazh is present at the end of the game along with Noel and Hope who is vic mignogna dating. He sets off with her to save Lightning in the hopes of changing the future. Another new feature is the Paradigm Tune, which enables the player to customize how the AI-controlled party members use their abilities in battle. Eden is no longer the capital and the Sanctum is no more. Square Enix also re-released the game titled Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection that included the majority of the game s DLC. The defeat of the human characters in the party results in a game over. Three monsters can be held at a time, and automatically switch to the role a player shifts to in the paradigm. A new dungeonminigame system has been added, called Temporal Rifts, where the player must guide the character through various puzzles. She is Lightning s younger sister, Snow s fiancée, and the only one out of her friends to know Lightning is still alive. Release A Final Fantasy XIII-2 bundle was released in Japan on December 15th, 2011 with a black 320GB PlayStation 3 Slim with an image of Lightning. The game was officially announced at the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere event on January 18, 2011. The gates are activated by finding artefacts in various ways, such as in hidden treasure chests using Mog. Asian Japanese versions (Japanese voice and texts) for both consoles released On December 15, 2011 and all other versions were released on January 31, 2012 for Asian regions (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, etc) who is vic mignogna dating. The Crystal Edition was strictly limited edition and is packaged in a presentation box. Though the player still controls one out of a three-member party, they are able to initiate the Change Leader option to switch the party member they control during battle.

[2] The story focuses on the Farron sisters as opposed to how the first game focuses on the love story between Snow and Serah. Characters learn different abilities at certain levels throughout their paradigm role growth. There is a gate matrix where players select their next location based on the game s AF (After the Fall of Cocoon) timeline. First week sales in Japan were much poorer than for Final Fantasy XIII, which sold 1. Synopsis As a result of Cocoon s fall at the end of Final Fantasy XIII, some of its surviving citizens now reside on Gran Pulse, the lowerworld, and the world has adopted a new dating system ( AF or After the Fall ). Final Fantasy XIII-2, showing Noel attacking an enemy. [2] Motomu Toriyama called the theme for the game s story Wish for Rebirth and explained that the theme has two meanings: one is rebirth of the devastated world, and the other is the re-encounter with Lightning. Asian releases Multiple Asian editions of Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have been released. Also included is a T-shirt from the Square Enix Products range that is not be available for purchase elsewhere. After creating the backstory of the 900 years, the team decided to make it a time-traveling story. Yoshinori Kitase assures players that the content will allow for even longer play. A code which allows the buyer to obtain the unique downloadable weapon Muramasa for Noel, which increases the ATB Gauge charge rate. The game s main theme in the Japanese PlayStation 3 version is Yakusoku no Basho , sung by Mai Fukui. There are also Live sequences, or real time cutscenes that occur to progress the story, meaning the player maintains control of their character although the camera is focused elsewhere. Unlike those in Final Fantasy XIII, these are available from an early point in the game. Sazh Katzroy - Sazh is playable after purchasing his DLC scenario, Heads or Tails. A promotional poster featuring Lightning and Serah in Valhalla.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was re-released in Japan under Square Enix s Ultimate Hits label on July 18, 2013. [34] By the end of 2011, the game sold 697,146 units, becoming the fifth bestselling game from Japan in 2011. Although this excludes both Yakusoku no Basho and New World , it includes a bonus track on Disc 4, the Secret Track that plays as the background to the DLC coliseum..
. For Final Fantasy XIII-2 the team designed and planned for content, including DLC, that would expand on the world of Final Fantasy XIII-2 since the beginning of its development. Players can access the save and main menus through gates. Guest characters Snow Villiers - Snow left to search for Lightning two years after her disappearance, but is nowhere to be found at the time Serah sets out on her own search. Final Fantasy XIII-2 features difficulty modes of gameplay: Normal and Easy mode, which can be changed at any time. was added pertaining to the Lightning DLC. The team conducted user tests and used the feedback to make adjustments to the gameplay and this process was started about a year earlier than what was done with Final Fantasy XIII. A new form of damage, called Wound Damage, lowers a target s member s max HP during battle and can only be healed by items, giving further incentive to defeat enemies as quickly as possible. The Steam version includes most of the DLC in its normal version, but some content that is DLC in the console versions is being omitted for licensing reasons, such as Noel s Assassin s Creed and Mass Effect-themed costumes. This marks Final Fantasy XIII-2 as the second Final Fantasy game to receive a perfect score from the said magazine, the first one being Final Fantasy XII. Using Historia Crux, the player can choose the location or era to travel to. [7] Post-release downloads include a Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report which distributed through the game s official site offers a look back at the story of Final Fantasy XIII story through Rygdea and Yaag Rosch s perspectives. ...

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